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Welcome To Lezzeti Catering

We have a Special traditional Emarati food cuisine and We have a complete diet solution
with 2 different programs, for weight loss and athletics. We have all the kind of continental, international, asian, japansese cuisines and many more. Blending our team’s vast experience, with world class chefs and the freshest of ingredients, we work with you to create the finest gourmet experience, guaranteed to impress any palate. 

Our Catering Services

Corporate / VIP Events

With an experience of years in corporate catering, Lezzeti has indepth knowledge of all your requirements. We understand how valuable your prominence is, which is why, we have designed comprehensive corporate catering services in Abu Dhabi that include occasional lunch events, corporate dinner parties at a 5-star venue. Lezzeti will make sure that from starters to the main menu, and drinks, your guests are impressed with everything.


We at Lezzeti Catering are here with unique wedding menu that goes with the theme and venue of your wedding. With our recently increased wedding team, we have even more specialists to help you achieve your ultimate wedding goal. We focus on creating menus that speaks the story of your bond with mouth watering and delectable food. Being the most special day, your wedding shouldn't be stressful for you.

Birthday Parties

We help people to build an awesome experience when it comes to food for house parties, birthday parties, we can turn an ordinary Home party into the most memorable event of your guests. Enjoy your in-home event by letting us impress you and your guests! We are able to offer full-service catering, as well as delectable party platters that can be created from our extensive menu and delivered to your door. We are listed in top catering companies list in Abu Dhabi.

Education / Healthcare Sector

Our dedicated Chefs carefully design nutritious, balanced meals produced daily with only the freshest of ingredients, because after all, we have a responsibility to our children and their future. With a focus on quality, we utilise the latest technology in food preparation to ensure every meal contains the dietary requirements for a growing and active child.

About Us

Best offers from Lezzeti

With a passion for luxury and high-quality food and service, the success of LEZZETI is the ability to offer big variety of catering and life support to public, government and private entities, LEZZETI has brought on board the most expertise manpower in this field with over 30 years of experience, our state of art kitchen facility with the latest equipment can cover each and every corner from healthy food, VIP events, business meeting, weddings and healthcare sector, LEZZETI team pay attention each and every details starting from the selection of raw materials till ready to serve meal, the company is ISO and HACCP certified following the highest standard of hygiene, quality, service and safe environment

We are ISO & HACCP Certified Caterers.

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